If Not Dementia, Tech will getcha

It is hard enough dealing with memory misfires every day. But when you throw in tech problems, it’s like a life sentence. Computers can mess with one’s mind so badly that it’s not surprising to see the increase in dementia diagnoses. Case in point: I have one of those new Amazon ECHO devices. Being short […]

Money and Alzheimer’s – the big-bucks battle.

http://timesofsandiego.com/education/2015/08/04/costly-blow-to-ucsd-eli-lilly-cutting-ties-on-alzheimers-study/ I don’t know how many people have read about the California based drug study battle going on right now. It has major implications for both funders and researchers alike. It has even bigger ramifications for people with dementia. It is a lesson to be learned about cooperation within the dementia industry and the backstabbing that can […]

Old Fashioned Medicinals Still valuable

RUBBING ALCOHOL SUNBURNS In the heat of summer days at the beach, we all worry about sunburns. On with the lotion, off with the tan. Do you still get the benefit of Vitamin D?I won’t tell you to forego the lotion, but there is a treatment for when you do get a burn. Rubbing alcohol. […]

Drugs on Trial? Alzheimer’s Drugs …

Wednesday, July 8th at 6:30 PM 74 Lunt Rd, Falmouth, Maine 04105 Facebook You may not know this but Maine is a wicked hotbed of drug trials when it comes to dementia cures and Alzheimer’s treatments. What you also don’t know, because I haven’t told you yet, is that there are two drug trials happening right […]

Just Get a Transplant, Any Transplant

From the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease(1) comes an observational study that says the use of anti-rejection transplant drugs translates to a lower incidence of Alzheimer’s disease in the old-old. In the study “UTMB researchers examined the medical records of more than 2,600 patients who received organ transplants and were given tacrolimus or cyclosporine.” “Overall, no matter […]

Believe It or Not – the Cell Phone Alzheimer’s Treatment

OMG! It’s Smart Meters all over again. Would you believe that radio waves generated by cell phones could treat Alzheimer’s? According to one report (2009), when RF waves are directed inward at accumulated Beta Amyloid plaques, the plaques break down – at least in mice with Alzheimer’s. You can download the scientific report here “Despite […]

Another One Bites The Dementia Dust – B.B. King

B.B. King’s killer – Multi-infarct Dementia. “Dr. Darin Brimhall and Clark County Coroner John Fudenberg told The Associated Press on Friday that the medical term for the cause of death is multi-infarct dementia,” a form of “vascular dementia”. I’m particularly familiar with MID. My Mom had a MID event – then lived for another ten years […]

Is Alzheimer’s really a form of dementia?

Update 5-4-2015 “Do we all have Alzheimer’s completely wrong?” “Duke University neurology professor Allen Roses has challenged what for decades has been the prevailing orthodoxy in Alzheimer’s research” Original Post I’ve been debating with myself about whether to post a reply to that question. Why? Because very few professionals here in Maine have given the […]

The Age of Consent – Sex and Dementia

“After a four-year battle with Alzheimer’s, Donna Lou Rayhons died in a nursing home in August, just four days shy of her 79th birthday. A week later, Henry Rayhons was arrested and charged with sexual abuse. State prosecutors accused him of having sex with his wife while she was incapacitated by dementia.” “Today, [Henry]’s awaiting […]